Hypertherm SYNC Plasma Cutter’s Role In Metal Cutting

The Technology: SYNC Machines And Plasma Cutters

All of the SYNC machines are equipped with some of the best plasma cutting technology, such as RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that helps the machine read messages from the SmartSYNC Torches based on the attached consumable cartridges. This allows the plasma cutter to automatically adjust to the correct amperage. These consumable cartridges come specific to the job.  To further the ease of use with these cartridges, Hypertherm has made them color-coded based on application:

  • Yellow - Drag Cutting
  • Gray - Mechanized / Stand Off
  • Green - Gouging
  • Black - FlushCut®

If you already happen to own a Duramax torch, there are limited capabilities. However, it is likely that with the right torch adapter, you could still benefit from some of the features that these revolutionary consumables offer. Another thing that is appealing about these single-piece cartridges is that they save customers, on average, $57/per consumable set. You save time and money instantly through the accuracy of the end-of-life detection offered through the RFID communication technology. Hypertherm’s dedication to innovation really gives consumers the best plasma cutters with the latest technology on the market!

Plasma Cutters: Material Types & Machine Options

Plasma Cutting

The three variations of SYNC machines that we are exploring all have the ability to cut mild steel (FineCut high or low speed), stainless steel, and aluminum. Which machine is right for you is ultimately going to depend on the demand of the project. As you step up the Hypertherm plasma cutting ladder first with a SYNC 65, SYNC 85, and then SYNC 105, your capabilities will expand. 

Powermax65 SYNC

The first of the series is the Hypertherm Powermax65 SYNC. The SYNC 65 has the ability to cut up to 20mm or 3 ⁄ 4'' and has a cut speed of 500 mm/min (20 ipm). This machine is the mildest performer of the 3 plasma cutters, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. This machine would be more likely used for thicker metal sign cutting, doing some simple auto body work, or smaller projects around a fabrication shop. Personally, a SYNC 65 is likely a little more equipped than what a hobbyist would need just doing side jobs. However, it can certainly do all those side jobs and more, thus furthering its reputation in versatility. 

Powermax85 SYNC

The Powermax85 SYNC is the next in line as we step up the Hypertherm plasma cutter ladder.  This plasma cutter can cut up to 25mm or 1” and has a cut speed of 500 mm/min (20 ipm).  This machine can be considered as the happy medium. With its ability to cut a 1” thickness it proves itself to be a good choice for metal fabrication in an industrial setting or factory setting but it can do nearly all the same things as the Powermax65 SYNC, making it the shop workhorse. 

Powermax105 SYNC

The Powermax105 SYNC is the heaviest duty of the series line. This machine can cut up to 32mm or 1-1/4“ with a cutting speed of  500mm/min (20 ipm). The most common use for this machine model would be as an industrial plasma cutter, performing well in plasma cutting jobs for steel structural projects such as metal for bridges, car parks, and large pipework. This professional plasma cutter is best fitting for a much larger scale of industrial work.

Plasma Cutting Performance & Tips

When you begin to compare other plasma cutters on the market, it is a little harder to find something comparable to the SYNC series. There are plasma cutters that perform similarly to the SYNCs, but none of them come with the same perks. From the torches to the single-piece consumables, Hypertherm’s technology takes you to the next level in plasma cutting. The ease of use and application sells not only the SYNC series but all Hypertherm plasma cutters, elevating it above its competition. For example, when plasma cutting, a common tip you'll usually get from a seasoned cutter is, “Use a stand-off guide to better your movement and get a good distance off your metal.” With Hypertherm you don’t need that trick because the torches are designed to electrically isolate the nozzle from the metal, thus eliminating double arcing. Another tip that the SYNC machines took into consideration and made their own is “checking setting adjustments.” With the new consumables you don’t need to worry about it, because once attached, the machines read them and adjust them for you! The opportunities provided by the technology Hypertherm offers you in their equipment make the possibilities endless.

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